Tomorrow night, Madonna is set to perform ‘Living For Love’ – it’s debut live performance, at the 57th Grammy Awards. However, prior to the hyped outing, M has just released the scorching hot video to illustrate the track as a support act for Sunday’s show.

The video is absolutely nothing like I’d previously thought it would be. I expected a choir, sun, a white wardrobe and some street dancing. How wrong could I be?

The plot sees matador Madge bringing a bunch of minotaurs to their knees whilst shattering her demons, bringing them down to their knees, singing positively about future and not letting the past rain on her parade. The wardrobe palette couldn’t be further away from white linens I had dreamt up. Embellished corsets and traditional bejewelled matador garments sets the foreground before a rich burgundy velvet backdrop.

In my opinion, the video might have been a little too overly produced, or not enough…. I can’t quite decide. It also seems like not enough money was thrown at the project. I hope for something with more of a storyline for future releases from ‘Rebel Heart’.

I’m not sure who directed the video, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same person who directed the ‘Nobody Knows Me’ video from the MDNA tour. Any ideas?




image taken from: http://www.realobsession.com

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